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Stretch Fabric Coverings in multiple colours, various textures. with an added extra
where Digital prints can be applied giving an striking affect to any space.

The CLIPSO® ceiling and wall system is designed to provide an aesthetic and functional solution for ceiling and wall applications in both new construction and renovations. Due to its innovative features, it is well suited for both commercial and residential use. CLIPSO coverings can be custom printed and/or backlit, utilize custom bent profiles and also have acoustical properties.

CLIPSO coverings are a knitted polyester fabric coated with polyurethane. This technology combines the unique aesthetic of a monolithic finish with great functionality and durability. A single piece of fabric can cover up to 16’8” in width without joints or seams, guaranteeing a perfectly smooth surface and uniform tension. Due to its knit properties, the coverings can wrap easily around beams, cornices, rosettes, doors, windows, etc. with ease. In addition, the integration of mechanical, electrical, heating and plumbing fixtures are easily accommodated.

Clipso wall & ceiling coverings


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